Quiet Book for 1 Year Old

The Mini Giraffe Quiet Book for 1 year old, is a handmade interactive book designed for babies and young toddlers, specifically targeting the age range of 6-18 months. The book is made primarily from felt, but also incorporates some cotton materials and features a zipper for added exploration of textures.

The book consists of six activity pages, not including the front and back cover sides. Each page offers a different sensory experience and teaches babies about various nature associations and symbiotic relationships.

The activities included in the book are as follows:

  1. Soft Flower with Floating Butterfly: This page features a soft flower and a hidden butterfly that can float, providing a tactile and visual experience for the child.
  2. Sun with Retractable Rays: The sun on this page can shine or retract its rays, allowing the child to manipulate and interact with the book.

3.Chicken Egg with Happy Chick Inside: This page showcases a chicken egg with a happy chick hidden inside, encouraging the child to discover and explore.

4.Pear with Sneaky Worm under the Zipper: The pear page includes a zipper, under which a sneaky worm is concealed, promoting fine motor skills as the child opens and closes the zipper.

5. Ladybug with Baby on Board: This page features a ladybug with a baby on board, introducing the concept of parent-child relationships in nature.

6. Snail Taking Cover Behind a Leaf: The final page depicts a snail taking cover behind a leaf, demonstrating camouflage and nature’s defense mechanisms.

The book’s size is approximately 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm), making it suitable for little hands to handle and explore. It is designed as a unisex book, appealing to both boys and girls. The book’s focus on sensory exploration and interactive elements aims to support your child’s early development.

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