Little Cloudy offers handmade quiet books, soft books hand stitched from felt, each with their own theme ranging from a dolls house to jungle. Each quiet book is interactive, the characters in the book can be removed becoming fabric toys for children and parents to play with and create their own story’s and adventures.

Little Cloudy’s handmade quiet books offer a unique and enriching experience for children, combining the joy of learning and playing with the excitement of interactive play.


Our quiet book for younger toddlers, focus on developmental stage and choose activities that are age-appropriate and engaging as Colors and Shapes, Texture Exploration, Sensory Pages, Animal Recognition. Peek-a-Boo Flaps with bright colors, bold shapes, and child-friendly materials to designing the quiet book for younger toddlers. All elements are securely attached, provide younger toddlers with a stimulating and interactive play experience that enhances their cognitive and motor skills.

QUIET BOOK FOR 2 - 5 year old

Quiet book for 2 to 5 year old, is a way to bring entertain and educate young children in a safe and healthy way without having them continually exposed to the screens and bright lights of modern toys. We also wanted to produce a toy that is tactile without hard plastics that can help children with autism and asperger’s explore their world in a more approachable way.

about us

Little Cloudy – Quiet Book

Based in UK, we have store available in US, Our Products, are handmade focusing on providing alternative activities for children that promote learning, creativity, and family bonding. Offering quiet books and that capture children’s attention while being both educational and entertaining is a fantastic way to engage young minds without relying on screen devices or mobile phones.

We are proud that our books are made with high quality, certified materials that are soft in the touch and safe for every child.

All our Quiet Books are certified to the European standard EN71 for product safety.

Our Handmade Quiet Books

Handmaking each book and meticulously sewing every tiny piece, commitment to creating high-quality products. Ensuring that each book is crafted with precision and care.
By prioritizing artisan workmanship, We create unique and intricate designs that capture the imagination and engage young minds.
Creativity, and attention to detail that go into crafting each and every one of our quiet books are what set them pecial
By combining  artisanal skills with a passion for creativity and education, We’re offering a unique and valuable product to the market. Our dedication to craftsmanship is what makes our books truly special and sets them apart from mass-produced alternatives.

Customer Review

Their books are handmade with incredible detail and they have something for every little one! They also sent me their small giraffe book which I’ll show on stories today because to be honest, it’s so fun to play with 🦒😂