The dollhouse quiet book, handmade from felt for Girls, a delightful felt book that offers a charming and interactive experience for toddlers. Cute and lovely doll: The book includes a doll character that children can engage with and move around the little dollhouse.

Bedroom with a closet: The bedroom section of the book features a closet filled with clothes. Children can practice dressing skills by taking out clothes from the closet and dressing the doll.

Bathroom with bath and toiletries: The book includes a bathroom area with a bath and toiletries. Children can engage in pretend play by helping the doll take a bath and familiarizing themselves with bathroom routines.

Laundry and washing machine: The book incorporates a laundry section where children can load clothes into the washing machine, promoting fine motor skills and teaching them about household chores.

Smart kitchen: The kitchen area is equipped with a refrigerator, a dining table, various food items, and cooking utensils. Children can engage in imaginative play, preparing meals and exploring their creativity in the kitchen.

Size and pages: Approximate 8 x 8 x 2 inch (20 x 20 x 5 cm), 6 activity pages (not including front and back cover side)

Our book is handmade and sewn every single detail. The quiet book is interactive, the characters in the book can be removed becoming fabric toys for children and parents to play with and create their own story’s and adventures.

The interactive elements of the book encourage children’s imagination, creativity, and independence as they navigate through different rooms, engage in role-playing, and learn about daily routines. Playing with friends or parents can further enhance the experience, promoting social interaction and collaborative play.

As parents themselves, the creators of the book have designed it with love and a focus on education and creativity. Their passion for providing a joyful and enriching experience for children is evident in their thoughtful design. Witnessing the joy and smiles on children’s faces as they interact with the book is a rewarding experience for both parents and creators.

“The Little Doll’s House” is not only a fun and engaging toy but also a tool for learning and skill development. It fosters independence in managing clothes, introduces concepts of personal hygiene, and familiarizes children with kitchen utensils and food, all while sparking their imagination and creativity.

Dollhouse quiet book, a wonderful gift or surprise for toddlers

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